Summer Bikini Body Prep!

As we are  into the summer season and needing the bikini body ready, why not try out Lycon Hot Waxing for those intimate areas that are a bit delicate when it comes pain?!

Lycon is the latest form of hot wax that has hit the beauty world by storm. Although hot wax has been around for many years Lycon has really tapped into making this form of waxing more efficient, pain reducing and good for your skin.  Before the wax is applied the area is cleansed and oil is applied to form a barrier so the wax is never applied directly to the skin, this makes sure that there is no chance of tugging and ripping off delicate skin. Lycon shrink wraps around the hairs allowing even the finest and shortest hairs to be removed giving you longer lasting results. With our “So Berry” scented Lycon wax system at the salon, what’s not to love?