The most effective way for you to achieve a perfect shape is to have them done at the salon with the Eyebrow Threading Technique. The ancient Middle Eastern & Asian Art of Eyebrow Threading is very popular as every small, short, fine hair is able to be removed thoroughly, giving you long lasting results for up to 3 weeks.

The twisting motion of a fine cotton thread over the hair lifts and removes the hair from the root, shaping the eyebrow precisely.

For Best Results:
Let your eyebrows grow out for 2-3 weeks before your first treatment so that there is lots of hair growth to work with and shape.

Threading vs Waxing

The eye area is far more delicate than the rest of your face, as it is thinner. It is important to treat it with the utmost care as it usually one of the first areas that can reveal the signs of ageing. This is why the Eyebrow Threading technique is kinder than other methods of hair removal such as waxing, as it removes the hair without pulling on the skin around the eye area. It is also good alternative to other hair removal methods for delicate skins and skins that may have sensitivity due to other chemical treatments.

High Definition Eyebrows

If you have sparse eyebrows, why not try the “High Definition Eyebrow” Treatment where you can have your eyebrows tinted to darken the hairs through to the tip of the follicle, where it can often become translucent in colour. You would then have them shaped up with threading.

Threading PRICE LIST

Eyebrow Threading £12
Eyebrow & Upper Lip £15
Eyebrow, Upper Lip & Chin £17
Full face £25
Lip £7
Chin £7
Sides of Face £14
Lip & Chin £10
Chin & Neck £15