Protecting Your Skin All Year Round!

The AVST moisturiser range from Environ boasts many benefits from its step up system based on vitamin A,C,E and antioxidants. The combination of these are suitable for all skin types and ages so its never too early or late to give it a try! With anti-bacterial qualities and helping to combat the signs of ageing, your skin will never look or feel so good with any other branded cosmetic product.

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With 200 different types of cancers skin cancer is the 6th most diagnosed, the vitamin A, C & E content in this moisturiser minimises the risk of cancer as it protects from UV and free radical damage. In fact, the skincare range was originally developed by Dr Des Fernandes to treat and to prevent skin cancer long before it was released into the beauty industry. The unique combination of vitamins softens and improves the look of pigmentation, scars and wrinkles, normalising and repairing the skin, as well as hydrating and healing while stimulating lazy collagen and elastin cells.

Here at Heaven Sent Beauty, we wholly endorse the AVST range and advise clients to try the system and fully support them through their skins journey whilst using the skin care and having the facial treatments. We also use the full range of products ourselves to show to you the client just how good your skin can look based on the results we have achieved with our skin.