Have you tried Eyebrow Threading at our Salon?

How Eyebrow Threading is done at our salon

The most effective way to achieve a perfect shape is to have them done at our salon with the Eyebrow Threading Technique.

The ancient Middle Eastern & Asian art of eyebrow threading is very popular as every small, short, fine hair is able to be removed thoroughly, giving the client long lasting results for up to 3 weeks.

The twisting motion of a fine cotton thread over the hair lifts and removes the hair from the root, shaping the eyebrow precisely.

Step 1: Determining the Shape of your Eyebrows

We first determine your individual eyebrow form. What shape does your eyebrow naturally follow?

Is it round?

Very arched?

Softly arched?

Or straight?

The eyebrow is adapted & balanced to the natural features of your face to get the best results.

If you are not sure then leave in the hands of our experienced threader.

Here’s my tip:

Forcing a different shape onto your face will look disharmonious to the rest of your facial features.

Some clients like to have their eyebrows very thin and defined. Whilst it suits some, others it can make the face look mean, and hard, and sometimes old.

Thick-shaped eyebrows are very popular, however if kept too heavy, can give the appearance of an angry dull face, as well as causing the eyebrows to dominate all the other features of the face, making them ultra noticeable.


Often men over pluck & over shape their eyebrow. It is not a good look. Keeping them the tidy by removing excess hair between the brow and softly removing some of the excess hair beneath the brow is enough. Definition is not necessary when it comes to the grooming of mens eyebrows.

Your threader will advise you of the most suitable shape for you face.

Step 2: Stretch the Eyelid

Stretching the eyelid area so that it is taught will make hair removal easier and more comfortable.

Whenever you pull hair out of your skin, it’ will hurt a little. Since the thread is laid down onto the skin in a straight line, it will pull several hairs out at a time. This will create a clean shape for your eyebrow.

Step 3: Creating the arch

The line underneath your eyebrow will be shaped first. This is the basis of the arch, and the most important step in shaping your eyebrow.

Step 4: Clearing the hair above the brow

The hair above your eyebrow can be also be threaded for more definition-especially if your hairline runs into the top of your eyebrow.

Step 5:Between the brows

Removing hair between your eyebrows is the last step. The general rule is to not to remove hair past the corners of your eyes. 

If your eyebrows are too far apart, they can make your eyes appear smaller and make your nose appear wider.


The Eyebrow Threading technique is kinder than other methods of hair removal such as waxing, as it removes the hair without pulling on the skin around the eye area.

The eye area is far more delicate than the rest of your face, as it is thinner. It is important to treat it with the utmost care as it usually one of the first areas that can reveal the signs of ageing.

Threading is a good alternative to other hair removal methods for sensitive skins and skins that may have sensitivity due to other chemical treatments.


  Your Eyebrow Threading treatment

 is now done!

However, if you feel that the eyebrow threading technique is not for you, we also offer waxing, as well as shaping with the use of tweezers.