Get the Perfect Eyebrows with Bitty Brow Kit

People say that changing a frame of a picture can change the look.. Its the same with the features on your face being affected by the shape and fullness of your eyebrows.


Bitty Brow Kit from Jane Iredale you can mould and fill your shape with the mineral pigmented brow powder followed by glossing the eyebrow hairs with the transparent botanical brow wax

This is an ideal product for clients who have sparser eyebrows, who want to achieve a High Definition(HD) brow and is perfect for over plucked eyebrows.

The Bitty Brow kit gives a softer, more velvety finish in comparison to eyebrows pencils which can give a harsher brow line.

With its 3 small brushes and compact size it is easy and precise to use and will fit easily into your bag. 

This is one of our best selling products at the salon and comes in blonde as well as brunette, which means those with fair hair can also have amazingly defined eyebrows without having to worry about it looking unnatural!