Gelish & Artistic Soak Off Gel Colour is a soft gel system that applies like polish and gives 2-3 weeks of glossy, nail colour. It is thinly applied for a natural look, layered for bold colour and even mixed with one another for a customized service. The latest technology allows for the product to cure with LED Light in 30 seconds compared to the traditional UV light that cures product in 2 minutes. Damaging the nail with application or removal is also a thing of the past. Gelish & Artistic Soak Off Gel Colours can be easily removed within 10-12 minutes. This new technology wears without lifting, chipping or dulling. We have a range of over a 100 Gelish & Artistic Soak off Colours at Heaven Sent Beauty to include, glitters, shimmers, metallics, classics and neon’s. We also add to our collection seasonally with new to keep up with the trends.